Officers and Directors

Board of Directors 

ARCPA's Board of Directors is comprised of 14 members: the Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and nine elected Directors. In addition, 13 Ex-Officio members of the Board include the Past Chair, presidents of the 10 ARCPA chapters, the AICPA Council Representative, and the AICPA Key Person Representative. They are all nonvoting Ex-Officio members of the Board. The combined total is 27 members.

Officers serve a one-year term, except for the Secretary and Treasurer, who serve for two years.  Directors serve a three-year term.  Ex-Officio Directors serve a one-year term. All these terms begin on April 1 of each year and end on the following March 31.  The AICPA Council Representative serves a three-year term which begins preceding the AICPA Fall Council Meeting.   The AICPA Key Person Representative serves a two-year term and may succeed himself/herself.

A slate of Officers and Directors is submitted by the Nominations Committee to the Board of Directors for approval, and then published to the membership at least 30 days prior to a scheduled Annual Business Meeting, which is held in December.  Additional nominations for Officers and Directors may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting. The ARCPA membership elects the new Officers and Directors at the Annual Meeting.


  • Randy Milligan, Managing Partner, Landmark PLC Certified Public Accountants


  • Joseph Rugger, Profit Consultant/Account Manager, Tooth & Coin

Vice Chair

  • Gina Moran, Partner, Hudson Cisne & Company LLP


  • Miranda John, Corporate Tax Manager, Centennial Bank


  • Paul Osborn, Partner, Hudson Cisne & Company LLP

Past Chair

  • George Foster, Retired Life Member, No firm affiliation - retired member


  • Micah Berry, Senior Manager II, Business Analysis, Walmart Stores Inc.
  • Donna Burnett, Partner, Young Hoy & Burnett
  • Robert Christiansen, Individual Practitioner, Robert P Christiansen CPA PA
  • Marie Gieringer, Chief Financial Officer, Girl Scouts Diamonds
  • Paula Kinnard, Individual Practitioner, Paula M Kinnard CPA
  • Jody Nations, Accounting Instructor, Southern Arkansas University College of Business
  • Robert Redfern, Individual Practitioner, Robert R Redfern CPA PA
  • J Tuohey, Partner, Prince & Tuohey CPA Ltd
  • Jeremy Watson, Partner, Jones & Company Ltd

AICPA Council Member

  • Elizabeth Smith, Managing Partner, JSA CPAs PLLC

Nat'l Key Person Coo

  • George Booker, President/CFO, Roller Funeral Homes/ Citizen Fidelity Insurance Company

Ex-Officio Member

  • Susan Ashmore, Comptroller, Garland County
  • Jeri Dunn, Staff Accountant, The Callen Accounting Group PLLC
  • Bryan Hicks, Assistant Director-Finance, AR Department of Workforce Services
  • Tara Houck, Unknown Accounting Firm
  • Pamela Magness, Individual Practitioner, Pamela A Magness CPA PA
  • Nathan Nailling, Trust Officer, First Security Bank
  • Patrick Sanford, Senior Accountant, Potts & Company Inc
  • Christopher Warrick, Instructor, Southern Arkansas University
  • Joseph Wheeler, Senior Accountant, Thomas Speight & Noble CPAs
  • Kevin White, Individual Practitioner, Kevin D White CPA LLC