Accounting is STEM


The Arkansas Society of CPAs is teaming up with the AICPA and state societies across the US to amplify our collective voice on promoting accounting as STEM.

Accountants harness math and develop technology to solve complex issues, empower communities, and drive trust in financial markets. Learn about ongoing efforts to recognize accounting as a STEM field and expose more students to the profession’s possibilities.

Help advocate for bipartisan STEM bills

Two bipartisan bills would allow existing K-12 STEM grant funding to be used for accounting education, with a focus on improving access for underrepresented students. Consider asking your U.S. senator or congressional representative to cosponsor the bipartisan bills before Congress. Check the House bill (H.R. 3541) and Senate bill (S. 1705) to see if your representatives have already signed on as cosponsors, then use these templated letters to get started. To learn more about profession-wide efforts to secure STEM designation, visit

New AICPA resources promote accounting in STEM

Digital tools continue to transform how the workforce tackles a range of challenges. From data analytics to machine learning, CPAs increasingly use STEM skills to improve audits, assess fraud risk, and automate business processes, among other services. You can help introduce the next generation to a rewarding career in accounting by advocating for federal STEM designation. The AICPA’s new STEM toolkit includes helpful outreach materials, explainer articles, infographics, and social media posts.

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