PAC Contribution

The ARCPA formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2012 in order to make contributions to state candidates, ballot question committees, legislative question committees, or other political action committees as needed in order to advance the interest of the ARCPA membership, to raise the Society’s profile with the General Assembly, and to help ARCPA engage legislators when issues arise that might affect the accounting profession.

ARCPA’s PAC is supported entirely by contributions from individuals and firms, with a limit of $5,000 per year per individual or company. The PAC Committee periodically holds a special PAC Breakfast in conjunction with the Federal Tax Institute that is held in December in the year preceding a general legislative session.

ARCPA members are encouraged to get involved in the political process to make sure our voices are heard.  ARCPA members need to be invested in protecting and influencing the future of the CPA profession in Arkansas. By joining forces with other CPAs, individuals and firms are helping the Society participate more effectively in the political process to ensure that the profession has a collective and strong voice with decision makers.

ARCPA provides multiple opportunities for its members to contribute to the PAC:

  1. Elect to contribute every year on your ARCPA annual dues statement. There is a specific line item on your statement to make it easy and convenient.
  2. Write a personal or company check directly to the PAC and mail it to ARCPA or simply donate using the button above. 

The only way to continue to grow and strengthen the ARCPA PAC is through member contributions. Help us make sure individuals are elected to public office who understand the accounting profession and support its legislative goals. A commitment from every ARCPA member is needed to make sure we can support legislators and candidates who understand the importance of CPAs as advisers to individuals, businesses and government agencies in order to help them manage through future, uncertain economic times.


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