ASBPA Proposes Rule Changes

January 30, 2020

The Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy is proposing changes to its Rules.  These changes involve allowing CPA exam candidates to take sections of the CPA exam multiple times each quarter; relaxing certain requirements surrounding continuing professional education; allowing up to 4 hours of Nano learning for continuing professional education; establishing a process for potential CPA license applicants with a criminal background to get a determination from the Board as to whether their background would prevent them from obtaining a CPA license; updating the process for applicants with criminal backgrounds to petition the Board for a waiver of disqualification from licensure; eliminating references to the term “regulations” instead of “rules”; and updating the Board’s Quality Review process. 

Comments on the proposed changes may be submitted via email through March 6, 2020 to  Please see the ASBPA’s website to review the proposed changes

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