Free 1-Hour CPE: Identity Theft and Resolution with the IRS


Arkansas and many other states have adopted optional passthrough entity taxes intended to maximize federal deductibility of the state income tax burden. The potential savings is often significant, but it adds an additional layer of complexity. With 2022 as the first year for the Arkansas tax, CPAs are working through the ins and outs of this new option. This webinar will consider practical and technical questions surrounding passthrough entity taxes in general and the Arkansas passthrough entity tax in particular—questions encouraged!


Velena McRae

Velena McRae-Stakeholder Liaison Velena is currently a Senior Stakeholder Liaison in Dallas, TX. She has previously served as an Acting Manager for various Stakeholder Liaison groups across the United States. Stakeholder Liaison focuses on the local engagement of the payroll and practitioner community and stakeholder organizations to provide information about the policies, practices, and procedures the IRS uses to ensure compliance with the tax laws.
Velena started her career with the IRS in 1994, as a Revenue Agent in Dallas, TX. She examined high income taxpayers, large businesses, corporations, and partnerships. For several years, she specialized in Innocent Spouse cases and before becoming a Stakeholder Liaison, worked as an agent in the Abusive Transaction and Tax Avoidance schemes group.
Velena has a B.S. Degree in Accounting, a Master's in Business Administration, Certification in Business Analytics, and she is also a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.