VIRTUAL OPTION: Estate and Life Planning Issues for the Middle-Income Client


Clients think that estate planning only applies to the very rich. In truth, there are many issues of critical concern for which the middle-income client needs to plan. This course is a must-attend for all CPAs who work with middle-income clients and are looking for ways to provide additional quality services. Continually updated with the latest guidance.


The SECURE Act, including IRA and RMD changes Other major SECURE Act provisions, such as expansion of Section 529 plans and 401(k) access to part-time workers The CARES Act section 72(t) 10% early withdrawal penalty waiver The CARES Act temporary waiver of RMD rules More than 20 documents that should be reviewed that are neither a will nor trust Applicable rates, and tactics that may be used to minimize them Reducing the impact of ancillary administration Provisions you need in a will When a trust is needed for children Durable powers of attorney, for financial matters and for healthcare Realistic retirement goals Management of insurance: liability, disability, and life Dealing with marriage and divorce Titling assets effectively Developments relative to estate tax, and the implications for planning


Understand estate planning issues unrelated to federal tax planning Inventory the documents relevant to estate preservation Understand methods of providing for children and the spouse

Designed For

CPAs who advise clients on estate tax planning


Edgar Gee

Edgar Gee is a local firm practitioner with over 50 years of professional experience. He works closely with small businesses in areas of tax planning, IRS representation, and litigation support services. A noted author, Mr. Gee has published articles in the Tax Advisor relating to the largest independent contractor case against the IRS in U.S. history. He testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Oversight of IRS Activities in 1996. He is co-author of PPC's Guide to Worker Classification. Winner of the Max Block Award by NYSSCPAs for Distinguished Article of the Year 2000, "Independent Contractor or Employee: How the Process Works Today," Mr. Gee speaks nationally to many professional organizations. He was past president of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants. He was the recipient of the Discussion Leader of the Year award from the Tennessee Society of CPAs in 2001. He is noted in national bestseller "What the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know" regarding independent contractor issues.