The Best S Corporation, Limited Liability, and Partnership Update Course by Surgent


This year practitioners need to keep abreast of tax changes affecting pass-through entities used by their business clients and employers, and this enlightening course delivers that information. You will learn invaluable strategies, techniques, innovative tax-planning concepts, income-generating ideas, and other planning opportunities available to S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and LLPs. Continually updated for items regarding tax reform, including 2021 stimulus bill(s).


The CARES Act and FFCRA, including employer credits, SBA loans, and expanded leave programs New partnership tax basis capital account reporting requirements The SECURE Act, including IRA and RMD changes Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on S corporations and partnership entities including coverage of Section 199A Partnership Audits Opportunity Zones Selected Practice and Reporting Issues: What's new? A review of the key cases, rulings, and tax law changes affecting S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships Choice of entity issues: Is the C corporation more of a viable choice after tax reform? Will it become preferred? Impact of the CARES Act on sections 163(j) and 461(l) Debts between entity and the investors Impact of the net investment income tax on the owners of pass-through entities Any late-breaking tax legislation Review of the most important business tax cases, revenue rulings, PLRs, etc.


Understand the major issues on which taxpayers and the IRS are in conflict Understand how the CARES Act and tax reform affects planning for pass-throughs Understand what pass-throughs can do in light of the CARES Act and tax reform

Designed For

All tax practitioners, both those working in public accounting as well as those in private industry, who need the latest information on tax changes affecting their business clients or employers


Sali Sheafor

With close to twenty years of accounting experience, Sali Sheafor works with clients all over the United States. She is currently licensed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida. Armed with an education from the University of Wisconsin system, she earned her certification and went on to create her own public accounting firm, TAP Consulting, LLC. She has enjoyed the opportunity to teach accounting to students in her area as well. While accounting and taxes are her first hobbies and she relishes the challenges of the ever-changing accounting world, she also enjoys snowmobiling, gardening, biking, and community service.