Disclosure - The Key to Financial Statements


A company's financial statements are far more than just financial data. This is where the disclosures become key to explaining what the numbers may not be able to on their own. Keep your professional reputation stellar by making sure your financial statements are "up-to-speed." This course will: Explain and illustrate disclosure requirements Clear up misconceptions on practice problems Correct disclosure deficiencies most frequently cited by peer reviewers Illustrate revenue and lease disclosures based on Topics 606 and 842


Special emphasis is given to common disclosure deficiencies noted in practice Recent changes in accounting guidance that impacts disclosures Risks and uncertainties and accounting policies Liabilities-how debt violations impact classification Uncertain tax positions Accounting changes, error corrections, and other categories in the income statement Cash flow statements


Participants will be able to prepare disclosures necessary for both public and non-public entities.

Designed For

CPAs, accountants, and financial professionals in industry and public practice who are responsible for the preparation of financial statements. This program is also a must for those professionals who will undergo peer review.


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