Hottest Tax Topics for 2021


In the wake of the biggest Internal Revenue Code overhaul since 1986 and many recent legislative changes, business and individual clients are asking "how does this affect me?". They want to know if they're at risk, will they pay higher taxes, and what new strategies to employ under the current taxing regime. This course arms you with the latest tax planning strategies to better serve your clients. Your knowledge of the hottest topics coming out of tax reform, and continuing legislative guidance, will bring added value to your services in the eyes of current and prospective clients. Learn how to better advise your clients by offering them the latest tax saving strategies.


Tax reform, legislative changes, and IRS guidance that impacts individuals and businesses Section 199A Qualified Business Income deduction Court decision tax developments Qualified research credit Section 179 and bonus depreciation Tax advantaged savings accounts Tax benefits for education Tax preparer penalties Hot tax planning strategies for individuals and small businesses Roth IRA, IRA, and retirement plan options And much more!


Identify how to advise clients on recent tax law changes, tax developments, and tax issues affected by societal and economic trends. Recognize new tax planning opportunities as a result of the latest tax law legislation.

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