Surgent's Individual Income Tax Update


This highly informative course will bring you up-to-speed on the latest in individual tax law developments and the corresponding or responsive planning opportunities available to your clients. You will come away from the course ready to educate your individual tax clients and implement tax-savings ideas that will serve their ever-evolving needs. Continually updated for items regarding tax reform, including 2021 stimulus bill(s).


The SECURE Act, including IRA and RMD changes Section 461 loss limitation rules and the ability to offset income Treatment of state and local taxes Virtual currency Opportunity Zones Education-related provisions Depreciation changes Rules on entertainment expenses, including meals Doubling of estate and gift tax exemption for a married couple Practice aids, including all the numbers applicable for the current year -- inflation-adjusted amounts, mileage rates, retirement contributions, and more The latest issues related to any other late-breaking tax law changes


Understand strategies and tactics to use in light of tax reform Understand how to nail down valuable deductions and other reductions to the tax base

Designed For

All tax practitioners, both those working in public accounting as well as those in private industry, who need the latest information on tax changes affecting their individual clients