Nonprofit Industry Update and GAAP Refresher


This program provides a 2021 update of the issues at the forefront of industry to assist the auditor in assessing risk. It also includes updates to FASB guidance through March 2021, complete with disclosure examples. This course also includes Yellow Book and other new developments in compliance auditing. The U.S. GAAP refresher portion of the program includes coverage of some significantly enhanced sections in the AICPA's nonprofit audit guide and nonprofit Technical Practice Aids.


Not-for-profit industry updates Major accounting and disclosure issues specific to nonprofit organiztions Single audit update Yellow book (GAS)


Apply the issues faced by nonprofits in today's environment which will help them assess risk Recognize and deal with major accounting and disclosure issues impacting their clients or organizations

Designed For

Practitioners working with governments in public practice Nonprofit industry accountants who need to keep on top of current accounting and disclosure requirements