VIRTUAL ONLY: The Tactical CFO: Make Your Business Processes Work for You


Effective CFOs drive continuous improvements in their departments and beyond. Come share ideas with experienced CFOs that will allow you to improve your department's performance in four key areas. Learn skills that will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your finance team and the company as a whole.


Beyond Traditional Budgeting

  • Substantially reduce financial planning effort
  • Reduce politics in the planning process
  • Makes your numbers far more useful

Getting the Most from Your Information Systems

  • Understanding user needs
  • Make your software work for you
  • Prevent errors before they occur

Data Analysis and Management

  • "Run the numbers" on non-financial data
  • Expand your tools outside Excel
  • Use your analysis skills to transform your business

The Finance Team of Tomorrow

  • Whom do you serve?
  • Create what the customer wants
  • Design efficient processes
  • Lead an effective team

Ten Tips for Successful CFOs This seminar includes group discussion of five cases.


To provide CFOs with ideas which will improve their company's business processes in four different areas.

Designed For

This seminar is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. We will focus discussion on medium-sized organizations.


Bob Mims

Bob Mims, CPA, is a financial consultant and VP Finance for promising enterprises. For 20 years, Robert has worked with numerous startup ventures and nonprofits in the roles of Strategic Planning, Business Modeling, Controller and CFO. His focus is understanding the fundamentals of profitability. Robert worked ten years as a Big Four Senior Assurance Manager, earning National Instructor of the Year on three occasions. Robert has served on FASB Advisory committees and is based in Memphis, TN.