VIRTUAL ONLY: The Strategic CFO: Big Picture Skills


Your financial accounting credentials do not automatically qualify you for a CFO role. Today's CFOs have skills that go far beyond financial accounting. Come share ideas with veteran CFOs and learn new techniques that will make you more effective now and long into the future.


CFO's Role in Strategy Development

  • Identify a source of competitive advantage
  • Map your strategy
  • Tie your strategy to performance metrics
  • Execute your strategy

CFO's Role in Strategic Cash Management

  • Know where and how to get money
  • Set cash management policy
  • Prevent cash management surprises

CFO's Role in Strategic Risk Management

  • Identify possible exposure
  • Evaluate consequences
  • Prepare for the unexpected

CFO's Role in Strategic Financial Communications

  • Why your board's "knowing nods" may be a bad sign
  • Providing financial education to our stakeholders
  • Telling your organization's story Includes group discussion of five cases.


To discuss four big picture skills required of CFOs.

Designed For

This seminar is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. We will focus discussions on medium-sized organizations.


Richard Karwic

Richard A. Karwic, MBA, has served as a management consultant for the most recent 10 years, after serving for 15 years as Chief Financial Officer for several diverse businesses in a wide variety of industries. Mr. Karwic also served as Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions for a mid-cap investment banking firm. Richard has worked in over 100 businesses, including divisions of Fortune 1,000 companies such as The Stanley – Black & Decker, Parker Hannifin, Pfizer, Standard Motor Products, Kennametal, and Linatex Corporation of America, where he also served on the Board of Directors. Mr. Karwic has been leading seminars since 1999 and has lectured graduate level classes on organization theory and behavior at Western New England College. Richard’s business advisory practice is based in Wethersfield, CT.