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CBI sells businesses.

The CBI Team (www.cbiteam.com) has been successfully helping Arkansas business owners plan and exit their businesses since 1994. Over 850 success stories have provided CBI Team professionals with experience and training to assist business owners plan and execute what is generally the largest financial transaction of their careers, whether it's a Mom and Pop Main Street business or a multi-million-dollar company such as TEC Employment, the largest Arkansas-based employee staffing company.

CBI gladly pays referral fees upon the successful sale of a referred business or CBI Team will make a $500 scholarship donation in your name or that of your company to a college or high school senior majoring in accounting.

CBI has a proven process based on the world-renowned Mayo Clinic's practice of medicine.

Call 877-582-5200 or send an email to confidential@cbiteam.com to arrange for a complimentary Lunch and Learn for you and your staff to introduce and familiarize you with the CBI Team process.

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