Surgent's Cloud Clash: On the Front Lines of Cybercrime and Identity Theft (CBIT)

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Date:Friday, November 9, 2018
Time:12:00PM - 2:00 PM
CPE Credit:2.0 Computer
Vendor:Surgent Professional Education
Course Level:Basic - Intermediate
Fee:$89 ASCPA Members, $119 Non-Members

  • How to prepare your employees and your clients
  • How to prepare you and your family
  • Precautions – from the practical to the extreme
  • The latest on the different types of identity theft:
    • Chip Cards – good idea or why bother?
    • Cyber Breaches – do they really affect me?
    • Is the Cloud a safe place?
    • Impersonation/Criminal Character – growing faster than ever!
    • Tax Fraud – what the IRS is starting to do about it
    • Medical Identity Theft – truly can be a matter of life and death
    • Phishing Emails and Phone Scams – never ending and more aggressive than ever

Identity theft grows every year. So we must educate ourselves and fight back! The credit card companies institute chip cards and thieves shift to using RFID technology to nab your credit card info to make online purchases. Corporate America is locking down their networks so thieves target huge healthcare systems in massive cyber breaches using sophisticated methods or just good old-fashioned plants which starts waves of medical identity theft, which is costly and can be deadly. Phishing scams are at an all-time high - we educate but the identity thieves find better technologies and more intriguing stories to make it look legit. Not to mention all of our info is in the cloud! This all brings up so many questions - some ordinary, some extraordinary and some futuristic. Will good win over evil? When will it happen to me? Has it already happened to me? Why do I get a promo email from Target as I walk into Target? Will I need to use a selfie to make my next in-person credit card purchase? In this course, you will learn about the latest developments on both sides of the cybercrime and identity theft fights. It's a Cloud Clash where the winner can change in an instant! Let's explore the latest information, ideas, and strategies surrounding cybercrime and identity theft together. It's about to get very personal and totally global!

  • Become aware of the ever-changing warning signs and the life-and-death dangers of identity theft
  • Learn what you can do to help yourself and your clients before and after an identity theft attack

Who Should Attend:
All CPAs and EAs who need to understand cybersecurity threats to protect themselves and their clients


Advanced preparation: